Asbestos and natural disasters. Be prepared now.

It is important to consider the combination of asbestos and natural disasters.

Australia is known for its warm weather But we also have a variety of natural disasters that can cause destruction to our homes. Floods, cyclones and bush fires are some of the worst. When preparing our homes to survive these disasters, we must think of the extra dangers that are unseen. The presence of asbestos in our homes and workplaces are one of them.

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How do natural disasters effect the asbestos in my home ?

We often see footage on television about natural disasters that have destroyed homes and buildings. Sometimes a flood has removed a portion of a home and other times whole buildings are wiped out. Once the danger has passed, we are left to deal with broken and damaged building materials. This is where asbestos causes an added danger to those around.

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How do I plan for asbestos damage during a natural disaster ?

The government in each state and territory has devised a plan for the event of a natural disaster. Damaged homes and buildings can access funding for the clean-up. Each state and territory has agencies that will help instruct people with the clean-up afterwards. For NSW, you are best to contact the NSW State Emergency Services if you get into trouble.  The main aim is to avoid unnecessary exposure to further danger.

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What do I do if I have broken asbestos ?

You must contain and dispose of broken asbestos. It is essential that these dangerous materials do not pose any further threat. If you find yourself with a damaged home after a natural disaster, it is important to call a professional who will come and assess the damage. If you would like an obligation free quote after a disaster to your home, give ARM Responsible Asbestos Removal a call.