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Asbestos clearance certificate. When you will need one.

You may need an asbestos clearance certificate.

If you have had asbestos removed from your home or workplace, you will need an Asbestos clearance certificate. This ensures the safety of further people entering the work site. Want to know more ? Read on for information on the next step.

What is an Asbestos clearance certificate?

When you have had 10 square meters or more of asbestos removed, you will need an asbestos clearance certificate. This includes both residential and commercial work sites. Work Health and Safety Regulations in NSW require a clearance certificate be issued. Other states may have different regulations, so you should check the laws in your state or territory.

Who issues the Asbestos clearance certificate ?

Once the asbestos has been removed, an asbestos consultant will need to confirm that no visible particles are left. No one else must enter the site until then. All work site restrictions and barriers should stay in place to keep the area safe. The certificate will cover the disposal routes of transit, to and from the work site. The person issuing the certificate must be independent and accredited with the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA). The asbestos register then has to be updated, keeping current information on places that have had asbestos removed. This allows further workers to check the site is clear to work on further projects.