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    Demolition Services

    VLM Group Pty Ltd, a renowned demolition and civil contractor, has successfully accomplished the completion of your project to an exceptional standard. This notable accomplishment was facilitated through the utilisation of cutting-edge technology, stringent processes, and the expertise of our highly trained team. Our respected standing in the industry is a testament to our successful execution of intricate projects within the demolition and civil sectors, carried out with extraordinary precision and efficiency.

    Boasting a rich history of experience in collaborating with a varied range of clients, encompassing the commercial, industrial, and government sectors, we are equipped with the requisite skills to proficiently manage both short-term and long-term projects. For over a decade, our steadfast commitment to health, safety, quality, and sustainability has remained the fundamental principle of our approach to every project we embark on.

    In relation to your specific project, irrespective of its scale or complexity, VLM Group Pty Ltd has showcased its established expertise by managing the entire structural demolition phase from inception to completion. This all-encompassing management encompassed securing the necessary permits and approvals, coordinating services and utilities, managing hazardous materials, and supervising waste disposal. Our team of seasoned professionals adhered to exact specifications, while also offering valuable insights and recommendations at every phase of the project.