Engineering Services

– Our dedicated team has meticulously carried out an extensive range of structural modification works. These comprehensive works included a broad spectrum of tasks such as steel works, precision welding, detailed repairs, and thorough corrosion protection. The primary objective of these measures was to ensure the structural integrity and longevity of the building, thereby safeguarding its durability and functionality for the long term.

Electrical HV Cabling Installations:

– We have successfully installed and modified high voltage cabling in a number of substations. This intricate process involved the construction of robust and reliable footings. In addition, we executed isolations and power reinstatement procedures with utmost precision to ensure the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of the electrical system, thereby enhancing the overall performance and safety standards.

Remediation Works:

– Our proficient team has conducted extensive remediation works on a diverse range of public and private properties. These comprehensive works included the meticulous repair and replacement of facades, cladding, composite panels, masonry, tiling, and painting. All these efforts were strategically aimed at restoring the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the buildings, thereby enhancing their market value and usability for the occupants.

Heritage Remediation Works:

– We have undertaken heritage remediation works that involved a variety of tasks such as intricate carpentry, detailed woodwork, roofing, and metal sheeting. Notable projects include the Strawberry Hills Hotel and the Royal Exhibition Hotel, where we meticulously preserved the historical elements while simultaneously enhancing the structural stability and durability, thereby maintaining the heritage value and ensuring the longevity of these iconic structures.

Acoustic Works:

– As part of our acoustic works, we have installed state-of-the-art mechanical ventilation systems and carried out glazing installations and waterproofing with precision. These measures were taken to significantly improve the sound insulation and overall comfort of the buildings, thereby enhancing the living and working conditions within these structures, contributing to a more conducive and comfortable environment.