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Renovating a weatherboard house

Weatherboard homes are a very common type of housing found in the Sydney landscape. Many styles of weatherboard homes in Australia were built with this material from the 1850s. Think Federation, Californian Bungalows and Queenslanders. Inexpensive to manufacture and easy to build with, it has been a popular choice for housing construction. Many weatherboard homes are being bought now as a cheaper option, especially for first home buyers and those that love the style of homes from days gone by. Here are some examples of how you can make some modern upgrades to an old home.

Extending out the back

Knocking out the back wall and extending the floor space is very 2017. Large areas for open-planned living that can accommodate children and pets are highly desirable to families right now. This type of addition provides wall space for big screen televisions and sofas that wrap around corners. Entertaining is made easier by having large spaces to fit everyone. Remember before knocking out any space, to check it is safe to do so. Weatherboard contains asbestos and can be very dangerous if not handled properly.

Knocking out a kitchen

They say that kitchens are the heart of the home. Current trends are open plan and with modern industrial features. New kitchens can be expensive, however investing in updating this room can be fantastic for re-sale value. In older homes, the kitchen was small and separate from the rest of the living areas. Modern homes have their kitchen area right in the centre of the living space, so families can cook, eat and interact together at different times during the day. Increasing the space at the back of the home by extension, gives you the perfect opportunity to create your dream kitchen area.

Revamping a bathroom

Bathrooms in old homes were small and contained. Features of old bathrooms include pastel colours with floral tiles and vanities with small drawers that were not made to hold our modern day hair dryers and straighteners. We often need large, spacious bathrooms including a vanity with wide drawers. Baths are optional and are being ripped out for a simple piece of glass we just walk behind. Clean lines, natural stone accents and minimalist overtones are what we crave.