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Renovating your home – Interior trends for 2017

If you are renovating right now, you may be drowning in a sea of paint samples and interior design
magazines. Sometimes the more research you do, the more confused you get. What you need to
know is that 2017 is loving neutrals mixed with deep saturated colour. People are living busy lives
and are searching for the look of luxury in their homes. Combining blocks of saturated colour with a
range of different textures will provide this. Here is a list of the best interior trends to follow right

Layers of texture

Paint isn’t just matt, satin and gloss anymore. Hitting your walls with a suede or eggshell finish can
give you the luxury that you desire. Add this to natural elements such as wooden floorboards or a
cement wall and you are building some interesting layers of texture. Keeping colours similar and
using texture in the same palette gives a relaxed feeling to any interior. Ceramic and linen
homewares are a good way to finish off this look.

Colour, Colour, Colour

Pantone’s Colour of the Year ‘Greenery’ can help to liven up any interior palette and has been
described as nature’s neutral. Consider adding it to bright pops of melon, citrus and peach for an
edgy look. Another colour trend is to use deep, saturated colours such as navy, emerald green and
fuchsia pink. Velvet covered sofas add to the sophistication of this look. You will want to have a well
stocked bar to go with this interior combination, so that you can sit and enjoy the luxury of the

Industrial looks featuring metallic finishes

Modern interiors are full of clean lines, slabs of marble on bench and tabletops and large metallic
lights hanging from the ceiling. Choose whatever metal finish that you are drawn to. Chrome, rose
gold or copper. Anything goes. If you are fearless, you can almost get away with anything.

Inspired by travel

With Instagram exposing us to every corner of the globe, it is a perfect time to inject design looks
from around the world into our homes. Think about your favourite places to visit and use photos,
artworks and treasures bought from your adventures to finish off your look.